Sadhak Records - Saurabh Rane

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Feedback,Complaints & Suggestions QM/ LSR/3/3.5 /001 Please mention location where you have feedback Studio (mention name in Remarks) 0 Hedgewar
Feedback,Complaints & Suggestions QM/ LSR/3/3.5 /001 What is the nature of your feedback ? (Add details in Remarks) Teaching content 0 Suggestion : Can we have variation in the Regimens so that it does not become monotonous. Can there be more focus on Meditation for mind power ? The Regimens have in built variations on each day like teaching of standing, sitting, lying down asanas, punctuating with pranayams, holding for longer etc. Meditation as this stage of your learning is only the mind stilling done at the end of the class, you shall be guided on further training at appropriate time