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Personal Sadhana Assessment

Have you decided on a Sankalpa which will guide your sadhana, or revised / amended / revisited it since you last filled this form ?

New Sankalpa
Amended Sankalpa
Revisited Sankalpa
No change / none of the above
Remarks :

Have you converted your Sankalpa into specific Yog techniques / Sadhana ?

Seeking/sought help from Guru/Teacher/Experienced Yog Sadhak
Researched authentic texts and made program
Got inspired by friend/colleague and selected technique
Asked friend and started practice
Remarks :

How often do you do your Sadhana ?

4-5 days / week
1-3 days / week
Not following currently
Remarks :

What do you find your attitude while doing your Abhyasa ?

Doing it as a chosen habit
Doing it as a duty to myself
Have to take efforts to do regularly
Looking forward to follow your sadhana
Remarks :

How are you advancing in your Yog Sadhana ?

Consistently maintaining my practice
Learning and trying to imbibe new techniques
Fine tuning my skill in existing techniques
Deepening and widening my experience in existing technique
Remarks :

How is your Sadhana beeing guided

By a Guru to whom you have surrendered
By a Teacher with whom you are learning
By texts which you trust
By knowledge you received from friend/ Internet / Social media
By self unguided efforts
Remarks :
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