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Have you followed the suggestions given on your health profile? You can read it in forms section in your login.

Asana : pl see videos NAY principles, testimony, regimen in sadhak regimen
Pranayama: pl video on pranayama concept in sadhak regimen
Meditation/Mind Stilling
Reflection : pl refer to the video in sadhak regimen
Nispandabhava : pl refer to video in sadhak regimen
Jalaneti : pl refer video in sadhak regimen
Jivhamulshodhanam : pl refer to weblink in sadhak regimen
Positive Diary : pl refer in home section
Walk : walk videos on YouTube Leslie Sansone
Dietary Suggestions: in forms section, also see sms about diet in sadhak regimen
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Sanjeevan Sadhana, rejuvenating yoga sequence, refer video in sadhak regimen
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