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Compassion Quotient- courtesy New Age Yoga www.yogasandhya.com

Your maid is frequently taking leaves because of her husband\'s extreme drinking habits

You warn her of consequences
You start looking for another maid since you cant carry on this way
You listen to her story and suggest her to take appropriate steps (like take him to Deaddiction center..)
You tolerate her and manage by making alternate arrangement if she is on leave like doing it yourself or asking another maid to help you..
Remarks :

Your colleagues mother is terminally ill, you are busy at office

You spend time with your colleague and sympathize on her situation
You narrate to her similar situation when your aunt was also terminally ill and that you understand how bad it is
You express your concern and assure her of your personal support whenever she needs
You visit the colleagues home on a weekend with flowers to see her mother
You sacrifice work to look for Doctors and remedies as your colleague and her feelings are important for you
Remarks :

Your cousin has lost job, when you ask him he admits he committed a blunder resulting in organization loss

You listen to his story without any judgement, and leave it to him to resolve issue
You dont talk about it when you meet him
You listen to his story and assure him of your support in any way you can
You avoid to speak to him when he wants to speak to you
Remarks :

Your child performed very badly in an important Maths test and you have a dialogue with him/her

He/She cries, repents and promises you that it will never happen again
He/She is happy that you did not mind it and gets over it soon, unaffected much
He/She understands where she went wrong and explains you he/she will correct it
He/She avoids you for next few days
Remarks :

You are usually sensitive about this group, their well being and feelings

Anyone you interact with
Yourself and close family members
Yourself, close family, close social contacts
Yourself, close family, close social contacts, people who work for you and other family members
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