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Sanjeevani Sadhana De-stressing Sessions on every 2nd Mon/Wed/Thu of the month, @ 8:30-9:30 pm at Shree Sadhana Hall, Tejpal Scheme Rd no 4, Vile Parle (E)


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Pranayam & Meditation Class
Pranayam & Meditation
for beginners and advanced practitioners of Yoga

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Save: Rs. 500

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Call/SMS 9320179320 / 9820743860 to Book or Order

Product / Service Overview

Pranayam & Meditation
for beginners and advanced practitioners of Yoga

Hatha Yog Pranayams
Sectional Breathing Exercises for Lung capacity
Nadi Shodhan for Cleansing and Balancing Ida Pingala, Removing Tridosha, Calming mind
Other Hatha Yog Pranayams like Bhastrika, Ujjayi, Sheetali, Sitkari, Suryabheda

Meditation for beginners and advanced Sadhaks
Different meditation methods to give practical experience

Tues Thu Sat : 07:45 to 08:45 am

Discount for existing Asana class students - Rs 300/-

Features and Benefits:

Yoga Mats available

  • Silent, Clean ambience
  • Experienced teachers having QCI certification
  • Progressive techniques
  • Systematic teaching suiting needs of beginners and advanced practitioners

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