Slim-4-Sure is a holistic weight management system designed to smoothlytransform you into a light and slim body. The process of transformation is natural, safe and self sustaining.

Sanjeevani Sadhana De-stressing Sessions on every 2nd Mon/Wed/Thu of the month, @ 8:30-9:30 pm at Shree Sadhana Hall, Tejpal Scheme Rd no 4, Vile Parle (E)

Effects of New Age Yoga Regimens

1. Warm up stretches:


Warm up is as essential as doing the exercise. Warm ups look too simple and are easy, and consume some time. Hence there is a temptation to skip it altogether particularly when one is working out within a limited time.

2. Suryanamaskar:


The Sun salutation is a highly acclaimed yoga workout. Everybody is curious to know about it and learn!


Effect of Suryanamaskara:



Works on and improves


Respiratory, Heart, blood vessels


Digestive, Nervous, Endocrine (pituitary, thyroid - metabolism), Face and Hair


Digestive, Excretory


Digestive, Nervous




Endocrine (thyroid)


Blood supply to brain – enthusiasm, memory, sense organs


2. Forward bending Asana



3. Backward bending Asana



3. Twisting Asana



4.  Lateral bending Asana



5.  Extremity Asana



6.  Abdominal compressions



7.  Cooling down Asana


During the active physical exercise phase, there is an increased blood circulation all over the body. The heart is pumping the fresh blood to the body and its return journey back to the heart is facilitated by the venous system and the muscular contraction. Stopping exercise without cooling would continue the onward journey of the blood supply while the muscle activity would have been ceased. This can cause pooling of the blood and slower the removal of waste products. This may also cause cramps or soreness. Overall body would be at unrest. This will create agitation and unrest in the mind too! This is avoided by proper cool down.


New Age Yoga cooling down process is consciously administered for 15/20 minutes. This includes The Classical Yoga Asana and Savasana. New Age Yoga is attending the whole of body, mind and the inner self.


8.  Pranayama:







10.     Overall effect of performing Regimens regularly


Facial glow, skin texture improvement