Slim-4-Sure is a holistic weight management system designed to smoothlytransform you into a light and slim body. The process of transformation is natural, safe and self sustaining.

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Fitness fundas


The lifestyle disorders like Back Ache, Headache, Acidity, Lack of sleep when in active mode completely distort life. So, you need to do some fitness training. Generally this happens when it has damaged the work front. Or there is a wedding in the family that prompts the need for slim fit body !  This or That you land into Yoga class or Gym. 
Resorting to Health and fitness, is an investment in ourselves. Fit body is our own asset that needs maintenance and servicing! Certainly time is a major factor and you reach to fast paced, attractive and energetic exercises that promise quick results. So, Yoga is also presented in modernized forms like Power Yoga, Hot Yoga , Vinyaasa Yoga to name a few.

You may opt for anything that suits your body, budget, and proximity. The time that you squeeze out for health must add value to your life. So, here are some basics you need to know as you follow any program.

Funda 1: Warm Up: Warm up is required before practicing any asana workout. It consumes about 3 to 5 minutes, so you are tempted to avoid it. But it is important as it prepares the muscles for activities like load bearing, increases efficiency, improves blood circulation and reduces strain on the heart muscles. Obviously this prevents injuries as the body and the mind gets ready for asana.

Funda 2: Breathing. Keep the fire on! Its lifeline of your asana program. Every breath inhaled brings in vital forces, and every exhalation gets out the stale dull and lethargic feeling. So breathe well during the asana. As a general rule exhale while bending forward, and inhale while bending backwards. Exhale while dropping towards gravity, inhale in opposite direction because body needs more energy that comes from oxygen. Also exhale while twisting the body or drawing the abdomen inwards. In case of holding in an asana pose for long, breathe normal and enjoy the body alignment in that asana.

Funda 3: The Back bone: All the asana moves work on the spine in different combinations like bending forward, backwards, lateral or twist. This maintains the good health of the spine. The flexible the back, the healthier the body

Funda 4: Abs the real backbone!
Below the ribs till the pelvic bone there is no bone except for the spine - Threre are all the abdominal organs and the abs muscles that seal it all. The abs muscles have a job of supporting the spine our crucial support system which is a union of small bones (vertebrae) sequenced in a row. So, by design the abs are the strongest and form the core. While doing asana movements, bring the abdomen muscles in full action so that they can stabilize the spine.


Funda 5: Neck and the Shoulders:
Just check that the shoulders are many times raised up. They are just there and as you drop down you feel a relief. While doing asana too, get them down, away from your ears. This gives a lot of relief to the neck. It frees the pull on the neck, giving relief to cervical region.

Funda 6: The Root: Root is the stance, it gives stability to the body in any pose whether lying, sitting or standing. The bones are the columns and beams, the basic structure - and the movable body is built around these. So any time we do an asana, provide the foundation to this structure first. That will give the required strength to the walls of muscles to carry out any activity for the body.

Funda 7: Concentration:
Concentration is heart of yoga, in fact concentration is Yoga. Asana is a symphony of bodily movements, breathing, stretches and awareness that culminates into vigor, joy and balance. This calls for control, co-ordination and attention while doing the practices. Any action, if carried out bearing all these three, gets the required muscle combination in motion, prevents momentum, and asana too reaches to deeper body parts.


Funda 8: Balanced approach:
If somebody does it that does not mean I must do it. You need to understand your body’s ability, limits and requirements. Consistent practice helps to build what others are already able to do. They are motivators and not competitors.


Funda 9: Don’t be fanatic:
Someone does 108 Suryanamaskaar, 700/800 crunches, 500 rounds of Kapalbhati!... these are set as great examples in our social world that awaken us from turmoil. But are not to be copied. You may fall in the category of those who are on the fitness scene because of a wedding in the family…because you are 25 kilo overweight…because you may be diabetic, hypertensive, fatigued, sleepless…wherever you may come from … are tied to your respective world of home and professional commitments. However the body condition is today, it is a gift of nature…Let us maintain it and service it but not overdo it!

Funda 10. Relaxation.
As we practice asana it increases blood circulation in the body; and the muscles too, are in action mode. If asana program is stopped in random, heart not knowing still continues to pump in blood to support muscular activity. This can cause spasm, clotting etc. Therefore, it is essential that you give even importance to cooling down as well. Phase out by doing cooling down postures. This brings in feeling of harmony.
Funda 11: Kind Nature!
Our body too is wonder of Nature with a perfect and complete design created for auto maintenance and auto sustenance. Food is consumed and the debris is thrown out, every breath excretes residual gases, wounds get healed, there is ability to remember, and ability to forgive… We just need to appreciate the larger design. At least as much or little as we can fathom!


Even if you know Asana is not the only yoga, you don’t know beyond Asana, Pranayam and some bits and part of yoga. But you certainly know that you want to be benefitted in… not get irritated casually, be able to honor the situation, have patience, avoid indulgence, impulsive actions, have trust, tolerance in adversities, ability rationalize…For this we need to follow the principles of Yama Niyama as advocated in Yoga. These are the basic do’s and don’ts of social and personal life. And Yoga unfolds these in such a way, that we can see the cause and effect.

And discover a way of empowering ourselves.


New Age Yoga is system of practicing Yoga. It supports one to inculcate yoga way of living with the help of progressive yoga regimens. These regimens are related to physical culture ie Asana, mind culture ie suggestions based on Yama Niyama, and conscious culture ie guidelines from Yogasutra of Patanjali that contribute to  your Spiritual Quotient. Thus make the everyday living meaningful.