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QCI (Govt of India) Certified Teacher Training Institute for Level 1 (200 hours) and Level 2 (350 hours) courses. Internationally Registered RYS-500 Institute with Yoga Alliance (US), offering (Registered Yoga Tracher) RYT-200 course. Fitness Yoga - Specialized Techniques based on traditional Yoga, modified forms of Yoga and American Pilates. Techniques designed with complete understanding of anatomy to work on specific muscles and desired results.
Guidance from Traditional Patanjali Yoga Sutras & Hathayoga Pradipika to give a holistic approach to work on body, mind and soul. Detailed and Authentic knowledge of various techniques of Shuddhikriya, Asana, Pranayam, Meditation. Teachers Training School in accordance with the course content as prescribed by Government certification Body - Quality Council of India. The unique teaching methodology of New Age Yoga is designed to offer body sculpting, mind management as well as peace and harmony of the soul.

About us

New Age Yoga, an organization set up more than 20 years ago - since August 1994, dedicated to live and teach yoga way of life.

Sandhya Patki, the prinicipal trainer to more than 15000 people over more than 23 years, has fused Classical Yoga, Pilates and modern adaptations of Yoga to synthesize an effective result-oriented program to work on the body and mind.

Principal Sandhya Patki, is a QCI-AYUSH certified Yoga Teacher. AYUSH- Govt of India has appointed the Quality Council of India to certify Yoga Teachers on the basis of their Yoga knowledge and teaching skills. Sandhya is a certified Yoga Teacher from the first batch of 8 such teachers all over India.

Sandhya Patki is a registered RYT 500 teacher from Yoga Alliance, US.

Nitin Patki, CEO, an IIT Alumnus and MMS (JBIMS), and QCI certified Yoga Teacher, is the back end support of New Age Yoga Institute for technology,marketing and organization building. Mob : 9820743860

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Our Latest News

Latest News

DOY Lecture Series

New Age Yoga Institute conducted Series of 14 sessions by the senior Teachers of Institute on various topics ranging from Graphology and Yog to Yoga Nidra.

All the lectures were very well attended and appreciated by the participants.

Lectures included Theo  Read More

The Yoga Institute Centenary Celebration

The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, the oldest organized institute of Yog, began its centenary celebrations on 25th December 2017 with a grand celebration at St Xavier's College, Mumbai. This was the place where Shri Yogendraji, Founder of the Yoga Institute, started his journey of Yoga. 

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Yoga Therapy Workshop

NAYI conducted a 5 day - 30 hour workshop on Yoga Therapy by Dr M M Gore, famous for his Anatomy & Physiology book, widely referred all over the world in different languages.
It was attended by 19 participants, and was a grand success.
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Today's Word

Today's Word

Nasikagra Drishti

Also known as Agochari Mudra The word agochari literally means 'unknown', so it is possible to call this mudra the unknown mudra. Hold both gaze of eyes on the tip of the nose. if it is done for a long time with intensity it can induce high states of introspection and in turn, meditation.