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Unique supplement of nutritional actives extracted from green leafy veg.

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Product / Service Overview

Each dose/sachet of this product contains a protein-fats concentrate extracted from 100 gram of green leafy vegetables. This concentrate contains anti-oxidant complex (beta Carotene, xanthophylls, alpha-tocopherol), Vitamin K, calcium and iron in significant bioavailable quantities.

Features and Benefits:

Nutrients from Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
The assortment of natural actives available from Green Leafy Vegetables and that are extracted as water insoluble nutrient active includes Chlorophylls, Carotenes ( which are Vit. A precursor), Xanthophylls, Proteins of high biological value, Poly unsaturated fatty acids, Vitamin K, alpha Tocopherol, Polyphenols, minerals in bioavailable forms like Iron and Calcium
ImmunePrash enhances immune system as immuno-modulators by enhancing production of “Natural Killer cells” that discharge the function of detecting foreign bodies in the body, engulf and eliminate them.

ImmunePrash acts 

  • As excellent anti-oxidants to combat ageing.
  • As excellent anti-oxidants for providing protection from cancer1
  • As excellent anti-oxidants for their cholesterol lowering effect.

  • Carotenes are important for skin health and fertility.

  • Calcium builds stronger, denser bones early in life and helps in keeping bones strong and healthy later in life.

  • Iron - very valuable source of preventing and treating anemia

  • Vitamin K is believed to play a role in bone growth and the maintenance of bone density

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