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Online Dinacharya Classic 3 months
Dinacharya 3 mth is a Healthy Lifestyle Service which helps to lend awareness to develop positive health habits which are proven to give unparalleled results.

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Product / Service Overview

Dinacharya Classic is an Online New Age Yoga Videos Program of 90 days tailored for the Condition you have selected above.

You get 6 or more Regimens with progressive videos explaining each technique in detail, including breathing and finer aspects of each Asana.

You may start with 1 Regimen and progress ahead as you get mastery over it. There is a choice of short program of about 30 minutes and long program of 50-60 minutes, to suit your schedule.

Buy now to get the programs in your personal login instantly.

Features and Benefits:

  1. Dinacharya SMS alerts on your mobile sets and
  2. Access to personalized streaming of Technique Video

are the unique features of this service, which ensure steady and timely support from Experts and positive results for practitioners.

Healthy dietary habits, personal hygiene, daily routine, personal and societal relationships, ailments if any and your philosophy of life are the necessary inputs to work out your significant Dinacharya.

Dinacharya Program provides you a personal login in our web site, providing your personal Health Regimen, Videos, relevant health links and alert activation/de-activation facilities.

Gentle Alerts like SMS at scheduled time to prompt you for desired action is the main deliverable of the Dinacharya program. This will help you form the desired habits and make it as a part of your lifestyle and keep you healthy for the rest of your life!

Living a day well, translates into living a meaningful life just as taking the first step sets the path for distant journey.

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