Slim-4-Sure is a holistic weight management system designed to smoothlytransform you into a light and slim body. The process of transformation is natural, safe and self sustaining.

Sanjeevani Sadhana De-stressing Sessions on every 2nd Mon/Wed/Thu of the month, @ 8:30-9:30 pm at Shree Sadhana Hall, Tejpal Scheme Rd no 4, Vile Parle (E)

What is Dinacharya ?

Positive Health Habits like Yoga techniques, Walking, Drinking water, 2 minute Silence, …. are as basic and simple as brushing teeth every day. These take care of managing self at physical, emotional and mental level. Adapted in everyday life they can build Stamina, Immunity, and Fitness and keep anxiety, depression, stress and other major physical ailments away without medication.


Dinacharya is a Healthy Lifestyle Service which helps in a day-to-day pre-occupied lifestyle, to lend awareness to develop positive health habits which are proven to give unparalleled results!


Dinacharya gives you a personalized Daily Regimen and also supports you to follow it through simple SMS reminders on your mobile sets.


Dinacharya word, has been derived from the words Dina i.e. day and Acharan i.e. code of conduct. So, Dinacharya is the conduct through the day. It’s a day’s diary or the routines. At New Age Yoga we design Dinacharya to suit personal health needs as well as to realize physical and mental potential at its best !


Dinacharya SMSalerts on your mobile sets and the access to personalized streaming of Technique Video are the unique features of this service which ensure steady and timely support from Experts and positive results for practitioners.


Healthy dietary habits, personal hygiene, daily routine, personal and societal relationships, ailments if any and your philosophy of life are the necessary inputs to work out your significant Dinacharya.


Dinacharya Program provides you a personal login in our web site, providing your personal Health Regimen, Videos, relevant health links and alert activation/de-activation facilities.


Dinacharya program is also offered as a Corporate Program to group of employees for desired periods. Corporate program can include 2 practical sessions by our trained facilitators in addition to the Dinacharya program.

Dinacharya Process

Establishing Health Profile:


You give your health profile and your health concerns. It could be as minor as common cold, cough, acidity or getting irritated. Being generally healthy you may not have carried any clinical investigations, but your appetite, pattern of sleep, hunger, thirst are the ways in which the body communicates its status.

We ascertain your health profile based on all this information furnished by you in the form and the clinical reports, if any. There could be personal interaction for counseling and your physician may also be consulted for deeper understanding if necessary.


Knowing you as a personality:

Understanding your personal attitude & goals in life, in relationships, and at work place; An insight into your challenges and means, is important to identify the gaps between your chosen goals and available means. Yoga is the holistic school for the body, mind and conscience. The Asana, Pranayama, Meditation practices and Yogasutra- the research on human mind, support us in evolving as a person.


Preparation of Your Personal Health Regimen in a dialogue with the experts, the next logical step is to customize your Health Regimen [HR] to suit your needs. Your Regimen includes the Yoga techniques, Diet modifications, Eating schedule, Sleeping schedule, and other simple and important Dinacharya suggestions in the light of your personal and health goals. You get a personal login for Regimen with technique videos, feedbacks.  To keep up with your progress in the techniques you receive periodically new set of Asana Regimens. These small and easy to do modifications in your lifestyle are actually beginning of the joint effort towards big results in positive health.


Support you in your Dinacharya : Soft Alerts like SMS at scheduled time to prompt you for desired action is the main deliverable of the

Dinacharya program. This will help you form the desired habits and make it as a part of your lifestyle and keep you healthy for the rest of your life! Living a day well, translates into living a meaningful life just as taking the first step sets the path for distant journey.

Dinacharya program is offered to individuals as service for 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.


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Dincharya is developing the right spirit and attitude to progress in life.